Tape measure (carpentry) belt
Tape measure (carpentry) belt
Tape measure (carpentry) belt

Tape measure (carpentry) belt



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You never realize you need a belt until you are without one. Make sure you never go without one thanks to our durable polyester web belts! Not only do they serve the practical purpose of holding your pants up, they also help pull your whole look together. These one-size-fits-most belts are great for any wardrobe and can be customized with photos, text, patterns, and designs!

  • One Size/Adjustable length, great for casual, on the go wear
  • Dimensions: <ul style=
  • Tape measure (tailoring) beltTape measure (tailoring)
    Never be without a tape measure again! Strap your pants up with one. Reversible sides with both inches and metric. Buckle has place for your own text - or leave blank.

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