‘THE CITY’ Postcard Technicolor Tote
‘THE CITY’ Postcard Technicolor Tote
‘THE CITY’ Postcard Technicolor Tote

‘THE CITY’ Postcard Technicolor Tote

Something brand new, something novel, something very defining. This holiday season gift yourself or a loved one the hottest tote bag on the streets. With a one-of-a-kind design by absolutcreative, ‘THE CITY’ Postcard Technicolor Tote is a must-have if you want to accessorize this holiday season as if it’s Fashion Week. Rocket into the holiday season with amazing style in ‘THE CITY.’



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The classic tote with a modern twist: all-over-print allows for 100% customization, bringing the basic tote to the next level. Your next shopping trip just got a little more earth-friendly and a lot more stylish!

  • Dimensions: 16

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